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With an emphasis on preparation prior to your arrival, our collaborative process is comprehensive, detailed and suited to your individual needs. All you have to do is turn the key.

We offer:

We offer:

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Make the dream a reality. Move2Paris opens its little black book of personally approved partners to create your new sphere in Paris.

Personal experience

From gathering mountains of paperwork to language woes and endless administrative catch-22s, the Parisian apartment search can seem impossible to even the French, not to mention an anglophone looking to relocate. Get the best assistance from someone who has endured the process and succeeded.

The highest quality standards

Each apartment and house rental selected for and furnished to the finest level of excellence, character, comfort and privacy, whatever your budget might be. Make use of our experience and exacting standards to bring your move to light.

Find your perfect shade of la vie en rose

With local market experience, a meticulous eye for detail and  we will create the look you love for your new Parisian home.

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